Tina Allerdings
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I am always thrilled when a transaction closes successfully and the buyers and sellers have achieved their goals. Sometimes there are challenges to overcome. Part of my job as a REALTOR® is to be a problem solver and get the job done. No matter who any of us are or the jobs we do, it is always rewarding to have our hard work recognized. I have had the priviledge to work with some absolutely wonderful people over the years. Some of them have been kind enough to offer a few words of appreciation.


My company, Real Estate Marketplace NW Inc. sends a survey to clients after every transaction closes. Following are some of the comments I've received in those surveys and additional letters.


Most of the comments come from several questions in the survey:

  • "Did your Real Estate Marketplace agent or office do anything special to help you buy or sell your property?"
  • "What was the most helpful thing they did?"
  • "Did you have any problems during your transaction?"

From Mike and Carol, Sellers: "I have been around real estate agents for decades, Tina is the most professional and accomplished agent I have seen"


From Charlotte, Buyer and Seller: "We keep using Tina for both buying and selling. That tells it all"


From LaVada, Seller: "Tina went way above the call of duty. There were several problems but all because of what we were trying to sell"


From Elton, Seller: "Tina knew of our situation and she did everything she could to help it happen as fast as possible. Keep doing what you're doing! You were all first rate"


From Patti, Seller: "She was great. She went above the call of duty. Helped me with a property line adjustment, research for me"


From Dotty, Seller: "Walk me thru the steps of selling and moving. Very satisfied"


From Matthew and Betty, Buyer and Seller: "I just had to write a little note about how much we like Tina. She was honest with us even when she may have known we wouldn't like what she had to say. That helped us feel like we could trust her, which was important to us. She also listened to what we were saying about what we needed out of our new home. She went out and found us what we wanted even when we had given up on the dream of having a brand new home. Her energy, honesty and directions helped us get through a very stressful time. Tina has been great."


From Peter and Louise, Multiple Transactions: "Invested her time. Very happy. Co-ordinated closing while we drove across country"


From Bob and Sandy, Sellers: "Told us step by step what was happening. Tina, thank you so very much for all your work and help" 


From Dorothy, Buyer: "Promptly provided paper work re: property. Clarified questions/discrepancies on disclosure statement. Like the property email service"


From Les, Buyer: "Tina is very knowledgable of her trade and is a whole bunch of fun to work with"


From Brian and Kelly, Sellers: "Know that  Tina is a great asset to your business"


From Brian and Teri, Sellers: "Worked on getting documents from Stevens county. Tina was so on top of everything, we never had to call the office"